Three Husbands

Sadly, but also happily, Sloggo (see The Cast) died recently. He had been suffering from MS for many years and had gone from being a teddy bear to a bundle of twisted sticks.

His funeral was held in Cornwall and Whizz and I took a day off work and travelled the 275 miles to Bodmin for the 2.30 ceremony. It was to be a very interesting day.

The funeral was held at what must be one of the most beautifully located crematoria in the country. Here is the view from the window:

It wasn’t a religious ceremony; several of us stood up to share memories of Sloggo.

As the coffin was finally hidden from view, a buzzard flew across the sky beyond the window.

Everyone went back to the home of one of Sloggo’s oldest friends. She and her husband had lived close to him and so were able to help with his shopping and dealing with his finances.

The gathering was entirely made up of old friends as Sloggo had no remaining family. His uncle had been Sir Rodfrey Bagnew, a one time Privey Councillor to HRH, but the family had allegedly disowned Sloggo’s mother when she married inappropriately. Sloggo should have been quite well to do but fate dictated otherwise.

The old friends included both Sloggo’s ex-wives and a significant lover. Also present apart from myself were my two ex husbands and my current and final husband. There were others of course and I hadn’t seen most of them for about 20 years or more.

Being confronted with my first husband, whom I hadn’t seen for thirty six years was, to put it mildly, a stomach churning experience. I think we both pulled it off quite well but I doubt that we will repeat the experience.

In the evening we all sat around the dinner table eating very average food and reminiscing. We told the oldest of old jokes and laughed at them because we remembered the times we had told them before.

We were all grey, ageing, in many cases balding, but that night we were once again young and full of hope.

Sloggo would have loved it.

14th May, 2012: As an addendum, and to add a bit of levity, As we emerged from the crematorium into the light of day, I sniffed the air and asked, in my usual non-connective way “Can anyone smell smoke?”. Those around me who heard, stared at me in disbelief. Whizz still giggles about it over a year later.

Theme Tunes

Hum the theme tune to Star Wars.

Now… can you hum the theme tune to Indiana Jones?

It’s quite impossible to find one after humming the other!

Milo has fun

I have made a new circle of friends, the Dog Brigade. This is not to be confused with dogging which is, arguably, pretty sociable however not on my list of must do activities. The joy of walking Milo had, until quite recently,receded in direct proportion to the increased adversity of the weather. Now though, I walk Milo with the dog brigade. Our dogs are mainly of a compatible design i.e. quite young, similarly sized and amenable. In the same way their owners match me i.e. down to earth, happy to keep walking on and on and happy to keep talking….on and on. The company of these three to five women with their dogs has eased Milo and I over many miles of footpaths without even noticing the weather.

There is a field near to me, well there are several fields as we live in a rural area, but this particular field I call the dog walking field. I tend to do a number of laps round it depending upon who turns up. Milo and I are a bit like Pooh and Piglet circumnavigating the 100 Acre wood and being joined by any number of Woozles. Today there were eventually four of us with five dogs in tow. I have to say that two of the dogs were not quite the same size as Milo, Monty and Holly. It would be more accurate to say that if you put them together they would probably weigh half as much as Milo but what they lacked in stature they made up for in enthusiasm. All the dogs had a joyous time.

Suddenly Monty discovered a long sturdy stick. The first I knew of it was when he ran between me and his owner with it in his mouth and almost took us off our feet. He rushed ahead and was joined by Milo and Holly. Each gripped part of the stick and had a wonderful time lurching round the field like some possessed propeller.

The thing you need to understand about Labradors, even the diluted varieties, is that they are incredibly clumsy. Three enthusiastic young animals running together with nothing more in their heads than keeping together, can take half a village off its feet. A walk with such creatures is interspersed with OMG comments from the human participants as they leap sideways to avoid being mown down by their pets. I have returned from many a walk, quite black and blue about the knees.

Whizz and I have (almost) decided to get a companion for Milo. One of the doubts raised in my mind about this ‘plan’ is that we may be entirely overwhelmed by OMG moments. We must avoid sturdy sticks about the house at all costs. As a matter of fact we already avoid this having seen the results of Milo’s efforts to reduce a large stick to sawdust in Whizz’s office while he was concentrating on something technical and absorbing. The dog was being so quiet and good..

On Sunday we are heading to two local dog rescue establishments. We are not expecting to find our ideal pet straight away and I anticipate a certain amount of heart ache as we leave the unsuitable dogs behind. Dogs and children are guaranteed to tug at the heart strings (OMG moment: I used a terrible cliche there).

I have spent a fair amount of time lately searching the internet for, what might be described as, dog outlets. I recently came upon Appledown Rescue and Rehoming Kennels. They had created a Christmas gallery of their pooches!/group.php?gid=68892502164&v=photos

I’m sure they won’t mind me reproducing some here:

Hard to resist eh?

I’ll keep you posted.