It’s a conspiracy!

As previously mentioned I sent my picture to the DVLA as the old one was too youthful.

So now, I look as though I’ve been exhumed!









Can you believe that the picture below, which is bad enough, could be turned into this?

Steven King could write a horror novel about me: Night of the Risen Pixies.

Roasted Pecans

One of the benefits of eating low carb is that I can eat nuts, other than peanuts, with a clear conscience. The price of nuts seems to have gone through the roof though, and the 100g (3.5 0z) packs of roasted pecans I used to buy from Waitrose for, I think £1,99 went up to £3 odd. I see they have now gone down to £2.85.

Recently, while shopping in the wonderful Costco, I noticed a 2lb (907g) bag of unroasted pecans for £9.99. This works out at £1.10 per 100g so I thought I would have a go at roasting my own.

All I did was spread them on a baking sheet and sprinkled them with salt before putting them into an oven about 220 C 428F gas 7 for 5 minutes. Easy, and quite acceptable.

Having searched the internet I think the price from Costco was pretty fantastic. The 1k bags I found on Amazon and elsewhere were well over double the price.


Now I understand

This morning, as usual, I took the dogs out for a walk. Unusually, but not for the first time, I returned home 10 minutes later after Nellie had tried to murder a sweet little King Charles Spaniel. I deposited Nellie back in the kitchen. BAD girl, grrr.

Anyway, Milo and I had a lovely walk. I actually jogged with intermittent ball throws (for the dog, you understand).

It was as soon as we got to the windmill field that I understood why my face had suddenly aged. The wind, which yesterday was relatively balmy, has changed! It is icy and wintery. My Nanna always said this would happen.

Getting Old

For years I have been kidding myself that I am immortal. Everyone tells me I don’t look my age and my eyesight is failing so I see myself in a romantic blur if I look in the mirror,

Sadly, today, I discovered I urgently needed a new photo for my driving license – such a pain, do I have time for all this? No. But needs must. So to save time I took a self portrait with my phone – at 9am – with the light from above – after a restless night.









Good Lord!!!

Portion Fail

Portion Fail

Being a hard working, cooking type of person my family lives regularly on convenience foods and take aways. Well not that regularly, I do cook often, but in times of stress, like tonight, I am wont to say ‘How about you two having Figgys tonight?’ Figgy is our fish and chip delivery van – Thursdays only, freshly fried, very popular.

I always get a response such as ‘Woo!’ or ‘Yay’. Figgy’s is treat surpassing anything I could produce so can you blame me for suggesting it occasionally?Tonight Whizz asked for a large fish but Figgy had run out so gave him two regulars. What a plateful!Even Whizz, with his years of experience, failed to finish it – much to the delight of the dogs.