The Power of the Press

What is the role of the press?

We certainly need a free press to provide us with the information that is ‘In the Public Interest’. How else would we be informed about, among other things, the latest political situation at home and abroad, famine in the Third World, what to see at the cinema, or restaurants offering good (or bad) food?

But these, according to the press, are not the only things that are in the ‘Public Interest’, we also need to know how much weight a skinny star has gained or lost, when an actor has a love child by a woman he doesn’t wish to marry and who wishes to remain private or when a famous golfer has a series of affairs with women other than his wife.

There is a general acceptance that once a person becomes famous, we have a right to know everything about them. For the rest of us, a secret affair, an abortion, the way we choose to rear our children, is a matter only for ourselves and we would be mortified to see a headline in our local town or village magazine advertising our private (often shameful) secrets. Lets face it most of us have secrets we would rather not share. Just because the public figures benefit from the publicity of their latest film, policy or whatever it might be, doesn’t mean they owe anything to the press. The various media are part of our infrastructure, not a balance of payments.

On the other hand, as Whizz pointed out, if there is a gay politician voting against issues that are in the interests of gays, or spending public money on private expenses then yes, it is ‘In Our Interests’ to know it. This is not malicious gossip, it is important information that will allow us to make an informed decision about whether to vote for this person at the next election.

The very sad thing is that the malicious gossip sells newspapers. We seem to have become a nation more interested in the relationship of Brad and Angelina, than the difference between debt and deficite. If the gossip went from the newspapers there would be far fewer newspapers and the industry would probably be reduced to a few broadsheets. What we need to decide is: would that be a bad thing?

Snow and Dogs

We had a lot of snow last year but I think Milo has forgotten it… and we didn’t get Nellie until after the snows of last winter, so it was with some anticipation that we took them, Nellie sporting her smart, new coat, to the quarry.

There were an awful lot of folk tobogganing and then there were Whizz and I – throwing snowballs that inexplicably disappeared when they landed.

Here, Milo is demonstrating his prowess as the amazing jumping hound.








Nellie modeling her new coat and powering after a snowball

I am a chip – ocryte

Here I am, teaching people to cook and to eat healthy food.

I am so busy that when Whizz (thanks Whizz for the idea for this title) and Mavis ask for sausage and (oven) chips, they get it and I am relieved not to have to make too much washing up.

When Mavis asks what’s for lunch I’ll reply vaguely “The usual” meaning sandwiches, soup, cheese on toast etc, but what she likes best is Pot Noodle, so she scoops one up and makes it herself.

Oh I am a TERRIBLE mother.

In my defense, if I tell them we’re having home made curry, bolognese, chilli or something they smile politely and eat it but if, in a moment of stress I pick up a couple of ready made pizzas, there’s jumping around the kitchen and loud cheering with excitement (and that’s just Whizz!)