Moved to write

If I sat down and wrote about everything that evoked a strong emotion I would never be away from the PC. I suppose that means that I am an emotional person – or maybe just a woman!

Today I would like to share two things that have moved me, one to tears and the other to out-loud laughter.

The first is a program on Radio 4 . I hope you will read this in time to listen to it on the BBC Iplayer, it is called Letters to the Russian Front and was on at 11am today, 27th July. The program format is simple; it is a true account by a daughter who has inherited letters from WW2, belonging to her Austrian family. The sons of this family(one of them her father) were fighting in Russia and writing to their mother and sister at home and to one another. This daughter is sharing them with her now elderly father, who has not felt able to look at them since that time. The letters are read by actors. Continue reading Moved to write

More Pictures

I have taken a few more pictures. This time with my ‘phone.

Another way to get muddy is to dig for rabbits.





























Horseshoe Vetch and Red Clover
Field Scabious
Sadly, as summer finally arrives the flowers are past their best. The butterflies are almost non-existent this year because of all the rain we have had.