Wonder bra

When I was a teen, still absorbent,

My friend and I would gather,

Our coins and get a magazine.


We would sit on a bench – slatted, hard,

Or on a bank, littered with Mars wrappers,

The pages lying across our knees,

Glossy and exciting, promising

Lives we would never live.

Perfect bodies and laughing faces,

Set in time.


A feature, not physical, was keen on hygiene.

Always dry under your breasts it implored,

And later, I explored with my fingers,

That part of my body, and wondered,

Where water might linger beneath or between.


Now I know!


First novel

I’m an author. Would you like my autograph?

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In all this time I have tried not to bore my reader with articles about the writing process, such as:  ‘What not to do’ or ‘How to…’, and so on. Now, however, I have the task of publicising the book, getting people to buy it, read it and review it on Amazon.

The first thing I’d like to say, is that you don’t need a Kindle, to read a Kindle e-book. All you need is the ap., which you can find here. This ap. can be installed on a laptop, desktop, notebook, tablet or smart phone, so get it now, then go here to download my book. Do this now,

buy my book immediately

before you finish reading this article or go to the bathroom or open a bottle of wine or eat a chocolate truffle.


Be Careful What You Wish For, crime, divorce, children, men, women

Here it is. If you click on the above picture you will find yourself on the Mardibooks website, where you can also buy it. Then you’ll have two copies!

Anyway, to the nub of the matter, the plot: Three women, unhappy in their marriages, decide to leave their husbands and form a commune, sharing childcare and following their dreams.  Of course life never goes as planned and as we follow the three, and their husbands, all coping with the stress of raising children and forming new relationships, we begin to sense disaster lurking. The women begin to die. Who, we wonder, is responsible. Is something sinister going on, or is it just a terrible coincidence?

I’m trying to think of a funny story that relates to the writing of this novel but I can’t think of anything. The process has been serious, a learning journey, not like me at all!