25 things about me

  1. I speak very loudly, and I get louder with wine.
  2. I love cooking and eating but I only eat low carb
  3. I try to fit too much into my life, sometimes at the expense of my family
  4. I love painting, writing and listening to radio 4. I don’t have much time for any of these things because they seem self-indulgent
  5. I look forward to retirement so I can do all the things in 4
  6. I am as proud as can be of my two daughters, who are finding their own ways in life. I hope I have been a positive influence.
  7. I have a few good friends whom I respect and who respect me despite my faults. I sometimes influence them; they sometimes influence me. I think this is the essence of friendship.
  8. I try to be a responsible citizen and because of the inconvenience this causes I get furious with people who don’t.
  9. I try to write grammatically because I spent years learning how to do so. I notice when others don’t. I hate abbreviating txt msgs and always punctuate and capitalise emails.
  10. I love being in my 50s (Update in 2020 – 60s!) but I am aware that the gap between me and my parents is getting narrower.
  11. Housework and gardening are things to be done between the important things of life. They are not in themselves important (unless the house smells)
  12. I love my husband. He is kind, tolerant and intelligent. He has many attributes I lack. I think I have some qualities that he values.
  13. I am a very lucky person, born of caring parents into a life of privilege. Not too much privilege, but enough to make me grateful.
  14. Our one (Update in 2020 – 2 cars) car is (are) not even nearly new. There are people with smaller houses than us who have better cars.
  15. I have finished my first novel. Progress on the sequel is slow due to my taking on too many other things. (Update in 2020 – still working on number 2)
  16. Among those other things is my job at a primary school, working with children who have special educational needs (update in 2020 Speech and language needs). I really enjoy the work but would rather be writing.
  17. I used to earn in a day what it now takes me a month to earn.
  18. I like wine if good. I usually drink whisky or dark rum with diet coke. I drink too much in the holidays and try only to drink at the weekend during the working week.
  19. I do what needs to be done before doing what I want to do.
  20. I love walking my dog, especially where there are wild flowers, butterflies, birds and animals.
  21. I don’t pay enough attention to current affairs.
  22. I like clever puns.
  23. I write silly poems and occasionally, moving ones
  24. I have the most terrible memory. It has been much improved by HRT and I will fight tooth and nail to remain on HRT long after the recommended time, just to keep my sanity (this is out of date. I had a pulmonary embolism and the HRT had to go. My brain, also, went with it).
  25. I admire my parents who, even in their eighties (update in 2020 – 90s), refuse to complain about discomfort, or give in to illness. They still travel, hold parties and work their socks off. They are my greatest example (update in 2020 – their travelling days are over but they still manage to get to the pub!).

2 thoughts on “25 things about me”

  1. You are the most remarkable person I know and wish I had your energy and visions. I’m proud to be your friend .

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