Diet Ready Meal Reviews

Tesco BBQ Pulled Pork and Wedges


My tastes run to the spicy or the creamy. I also like potatoes.

Price:  £2.30

My opinion, points out of 10: 7

Description: Slightly spicy and with a sweet but not too sweet barbecue sauce.

The meat content was not huge but the meal was satisfying.

I microwaved it according to the instructions but some of the potatoes were barely cooked through. With hindsight, I think it would have been better baked, to crisp up the potatoes.


Marks and Spencer Count on Us King Prawn Linguine

I always add extra prawns to this type of meal. Half a bag of prawns is only one point and adds to the ‘fillingness’.

As with many calorie counted meals, the sauce is thickened with cornflour. This is not particularly authentic but I don’t mind, as long as it has a good flavour. We have to accept the limitations of diet ready meals.

Price:  £3.50

My opinion, points out of 10: 9

Description: Delicious. Subtle lemony sauce, good flavour of prawns and perfectly al dente pasta.

Heck Chicken Italia sausages (chipolatas)


My daughter, Horace,  put me on to Heck chicken sausages and burgers.
Two sausages is only 1 WW point, so add them to a chicken breast dinner, make a sandwich, stick them on the barbecue or eat them with mash. They are fantastic calorie value.

Price:  £3 for 10

My opinion, points out of 10: 9

Description: Although these are made from chicken, they do not have the smooth, frankfurter-ish texture you would expect. They have a meaty consistency and a mild taste of garlic – don’t let that put you off having them for breakfast. I couldn’t taste any mozzarella but then, when can you taste mozzarella unless it’s really good quality and simply served?

M & S Balanced for You Chicken, king prawn and chorizo paella


I make my own paella, I learned how to from a Spanish guest at our B & B, so I may be a bit fussier than some.
I found this too sloppy. The flavour was lovely and smoky and I would have it again, but it’s not my favourite M&S meal.

Price:  £4.25

My opinion, points out of 10: 8

Description: I found this too sloppy. There was a lot of liquid in the bottom and even when stirred in, the mixture was very wet. The chunks of chicken were of breast meat and a bit dry for me. The flavour was lovely and smoky and I would have it again, but it’s not my favourite M&S meal.

M & S Count on us, ham and mushroom tagliatelle

2016-09-25-20-09-48             2016-09-25-20-36-42

Looked quite nice but what a disappointment.

Price:  £4.25

My opinion, points out of 10: 4

Description: Under seasoned, with a sauce that has a sour taste, which I think it was caused by the cheese. The ham was over cooked and stewed so that it had lost nearly all of its flavour.

Nothing wrong with the mushrooms or the pasta.

Tesco Healthy Living  Thai Green Curry



Tesco is somewhat disingenuous with the Weight Watchers points in this product.
It weighs 400g and the points for this weight would be 9, however it is emblazoned with a symbol stating 8 points per 373g portion. They also sell a 350g  Frozen Thai Green curry, not tested here. I will try it another time.

Price:  £2.30  (Frozen version £1.50)

My opinion, points out of 10: 8

Description: Not particularly authentic but nonetheless tasty. A fair amount of meat and lovely sticky rice. This product has plenty of sauce (thickened with cornflour) and is spicy with Thai flavours. A very satisfying meal for the points.