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Dear Hospital

Georgia O'Keeffe - Breasts
Not mine, unfortunately.
Georgia O’Keeffe – Breasts
Alfred Stieglitz
(American, Hoboken, New Jersey 1864-1946 New York)

During my last hectic visit to A & E in Stoke Mandeville I noticed boxes with slots on top, plastered with signs asking for feedback from people tired of waiting, in pain and worried. I believe there are similar ones in the cancer unit at Wycombe hospital but I didn’t spot them, being weighed down with other thoughts, my eyes turned inwards.

Having returned to Wycombe Hospital for treatment this week I can report that, as is usually the case, the demeanour and intentions of the staff were exemplary.

We all know how short of staff the NHS is – scheduled to get shorter I suspect following the Chancellor’s latest decision to freeze public sector wages again.

‘We’re a caring profession,’ one nurse said to me. ‘Don’t they care about us?’ Continue reading Dear Hospital

A funny thing happened in the hospital

There’s not much to laugh about when you’re undergoing a pre-op for breast surgery (don’t worry, just some abnormal cells that need to be removed in case they became cancerous), however I did laugh at this.

Hospital picture for blog post A Funny Thing Happened at the Hospital
Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for allowing this, and many other images to be shared.

It was the usual, depressing room. A bed to my right, and on the left a desk and a chair. There was a computer, surgical gloves, blood pressure monitor, clanging bin, you know the kind of thing – I’m certainly becoming familiar with it.

Voices outside, then the door opens and a very smiley, attractive man with an Eastern European accent, is followed in by a younger, equally handsome student with a ‘Land of Opportunity’ drawl. They shake my hand, introduce themselves, and the student perches on the bed while the surgeon drops into his seat at the desk. Continue reading A funny thing happened in the hospital