The Cast

These are the characters who make up Sue’s World so far

Immediate family

Me – Lil (+lets:expand widthways)
Useless memory and deteriorating faculties but otherwise reasonably bright and creative
Husband – Whizz (The Whiz Kid)
Brainy, fantastic memory, logical, loving dad and long suffering husband
Daughter from previous marriage – Horace (ontal)
Brainy, busy, fair minded, confident, married to Kerching (see below)
LH (Last husband – Horace’s dad)
Younger daughter – Mavis (girl have a wonderful life) (be the last)
Shy, funny, usually to be found, drawing, making something or with her nose pressed to some kind of screen
Horace’s husband – Kerching
Quiet, polite and loved. Accountant of sorts in Manchester


Milo – Crossed Border Collie Labrador (Labradollie), black, moults!!!!
Nellie – (Nellie has gone to the great kennel in the sky) crossed Staffie Labrador (Labradaffie), golden, loved everyone apart from other dogs that we would meet on walks.
Gizmo (deceased) – Much maligned cat. Lived in her own bedroom all day and came out at night when the dogs were shut in the kitchen.

Whiz’s family

Brother in law – Fender
Would be guitarist and author. Very sad sense of humour, dreadful at DIY, very generous
Older sister – Fret
Frets about fender’s guitar playing, laughs at his jokes, kind to our kids, never lost for words.

My Friends

Tarn: Former geography teacher, good drinking mate, now lives in Canada
Fit: PE teacher, good drinking mate, lives in dragon/sheep country
Biggles: Rather risqué friend sometimes a bit wicked. Career woman. Flies or jumps from aeroplanes for a hobby – therefore, in my opinion, barmy. Nobody’s fool.
Upper: Bright, energetic, positive, determined, self-educated third member of the coven, the other two being myself and Biggles.
Sloggo: Very old and dear friend, now sadly passed away with MS but formerly very ‘energetic’ with the ladies. Good job I loved him as I didn’t really approve of him!
Chastity: Younger than me, fitter than me but likes a good meal with friends. Lost her house key in her knickers while on a run, hence the name.
Camp: Chastity’s husband. Also likes to wine and dine and is a very appreciative guest. Goes camping with his son, sometimes accompanied by Whizz and Mavis.
Fame: Chastity and Camp’s son who didn’t care what he was when he grew up, as long as he was famous – he is grown up now and enjoying university. You won’t have heard of him yet!
Cop and Tax: Farmer friends who were once a policeman and a tax inspector

Horace’s Friends

Wipm, formely Queasy
Slim, attractive and a dancer.

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