The Setting

Pebbleditch – village

Population – growing
Setting – rural
Quaint – No
Attractive – slightly
Surrounded by canals and reservoirs and hence full of ducks

Robinghood – village

Neighbouring village to Pebbleditch, you could almost call us Pebbleditch cum Robinghood
Much more attractive and historical
much smaller
much more desirable


Home of the ‘County Set’ but not in Pebbleditch
Contains some of the most expensive houses in the UK but not in Pebbleditch
Fantastic walking area with glorious views but not when you look down on Pebbleditch


Market town, not to far from Pebbleditch. It has a couple of supermarkets but not too much to reccommend it really

Blake Robins

New town in Magibhunkshire. Convenient, well endowed with roundabouts and good shops but not at all attractive.